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    Scalarcloud is a fully-managed IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) hosting solution specially developed to exploit the full potential of StackX through a simple, secure, flexible, and high-performing offering.
    Scalarcloud is available in two approaches that can be hybridized as needed: public cloud and private cloud.
    In our public cloud offerings: only one type of instance is available with completely customizable resources (CPU, RAM & storage), capable of meeting a wide range of needs.
    – Processors: Intel Xeon Gold 6242R or higher (minimum frequency > 3GHz)
    – Storage: 6 x Nvme RAID 10 for each volume
    – Memory: from 1 to 256 GB per VM.

    336 TB

    Production Capacity as of 01/11/2023

    • SSD NVMe RAID 10

    800 cores

    Production Capacity as of 01/11/2023

    • Intel Xeon Gold 6242R

    8 TB

    Production Capacity as of 01/11/2023

    • RAM

    6 min

    Average Response Time for Incidents

    • ARTI


    scalarcloudRegarding the European zone:
    – All servers are equipped with dual power supplies.
    – The dual power supplies are fed through two different paths.
    – Each node is equipped with 4 network ports.
    – Network inductions are configured in redundant pairs.
    – Each connection of the same pair is connected to a different switch.
    On the hardware side, each server is equipped with at least:
    – 2 Xeon Gold 6242R processors.
    – From 768 to 1536 GB of ECC RAM.
    – Several redundant storage volumes of 6 x SSD NVMe in RAID 10.
    – An SSD volume in RAID1 dedicated to the operating system.
    Additionally, private clouds can optionally be certified for health data hosting (HDS).


    2 x CPU Intel Xeon Gold 6242R

    • 1 x Core
    Monthly Price Excluding VAT



    • RAM x 1 Go
    Monthly Price Excluding VAT


    6 x SSD NVMe RAID 10

    • NVMe storage 1 GB
    Monthly Price Excluding VAT


    RAID 10 & RAID Z3 storage

    • Backup storage: 1 GB
    Monthly Price Excluding VAT


    ScalarX only selects infrastructure and service components that comply with its SCI standard (redundancy, reliability, security).


    ScalarX uses a decentralised supervision and alert system associated with an international trusted third party (SolarWinds)..

    Managed services

    ScalarX uses a unique approach combining humans, conditional algorithms and AI to deliver exceptional quality.

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