ScalarX engineering

    Our engineering service specializes in solving complex problems and/or projects with constraints beyond the norm.
    We offer a ‘risk-free’ model: no long-term commitments or cancellation penalties. We use innovation, technology, engineering, and science, combined with a ‘hacker’ mindset, to tackle challenges that seem insurmountable to you.
    Some areas we have worked in:

    – IT (Cloud, Datacenter, infrastructure, automation, migrations, data, development)
    – Business (evaluation, requirements, roadmap, growth, care, investment)
    – Communication (internal, external, press, international, crisis)
    – Security (pentest, audit, policy, task force, data leak)


    Optimization and evaluation of complex physical autonomous driving simulation systems to enable their porting to cloud environments for calculating millions of scenarios per day.


    Forensic analysis of a worm attack that infected several thousand radio systems. Development of an industrial and automatic system capable of cleaning, updating, and protecting all infected equipment.


    Design, installation, and configuration of a 17.9 PB GlusterFS cluster comprising 256 storage servers. Import and conversion of hundreds of thousands of digitized documents.


    Complete logical and physical migration of client infrastructures in Datacenter: over 4000 servers, tens of thousands of applications, dark fiber, BGP routers, AS, etc., in less than a week.

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