ScalarX Engineering

ScalarX Engineering can solve any funded problems in the field of IT, communication, security, business and science that others think impossible with a risk-free model : no long term contract and no cancel penalty.

ScalarX Engineering can help you to manage problems and crisis in different field like :

  • IT (Cloud, Datacenter, infrastructure, automation, migrations, data, development, etc.)
  • Business ( Assessment, requirements, roadmap, growth, care, investment,  and more.)
  • Communication (Internal, external, press, local, international, social network, crisis, etc.)
  • Security (pen test, audit, policy, task force, data theft and compromising issue, etc.)

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Some of our recent actions

  • For a Globalscale Cloud Provider: Fixing OS problems and hardware tuning.  Installation and benchmark of a three-part complex synchronous Real-time simulation system that offers complex model-based design for interaction with real-world environments to calculate million of scenarios per day. (71 hours)

  • For a wireless broadband provider in a major crisis : forensic about a major worm attack that infect thousand of  wifi systems. Creation of an industrial and automatic system in the cloud to clean, update and protect all equipements infected or not infected by the worm.   (16 hours)
  • For a major financial company that need to archive a lot of documents : conception, installation and configuration of a 17,9 PB GlusterFS cluster that include 256 storage servers. (40 hours)
  • For an international hosting company : full datacenter logical and physical migration of more that 4000 servers, dark fiber, BGP routers, AS, and more in less than 1 week. (120 hours)
  • For a worldwide catering company : in a data breach crisis, forensic, security audit and analysis. Discovered evidence about a key officer that deal strategic informations to competitor. (36 hours)
  • For a major organisation : helpdesk restructuration to provide best in class services and a transversal task force creation to solve complex problem that implicate differents divisions. (216 hours)
  • For a Technology Start-Up : development of a full-stack  application with web frontend, backend and system automation that permit automatic industrial billing/invoicing with Stripe, VatLayer and more. Application also install, monitor and manage automatically thousands of servers and cloud instance all over the world.
  • For a French MSP (Managed Service Provider) that acquired a new complete activity : business unit creation and full-management, organisation and recruitment process in  different fields : technology, helpdesk and commercial purpose with a result of a strong team and more than  36 % annual progression.