Dedicated servers

    serveurs dédiés ScalarXScalarcloud is also available in a baremetal or ‘dedicated server’ version, always fully-managed (total managed services).
    The dedicated servers we offer, depending on geographical areas, can either be directly designed and hosted within our own infrastructures or come from partnerships with other players in the hosting market.
    In all cases, these are reliable hardware that meets our own strict criteria, certified to operate 24/7 in a datacenter environment to minimize operational costs related to corrective maintenance. They are equipped with redundant: storage, power supply, and network connections.
    A dedicated server offers certain specific advantages, such as direct access to hardware, increased security (no risk of ‘wild’ RAM dumping under pressure from an authority), and an unmatched power/performance ratio.


    The managed Scalarcloud dedicated servers are available exclusively with Gnu/Linux in various configurations such as:
    – From 1 to 2 AMD or Intel processors.
    – From 16 to 256 cores.
    – From 128 to 1536 GB of RAM.
    – From 2 x 1.92 GB to 24 x 3.84 TB SSD.
    – With a redundant dual power supply.
    – With a dual 10 Gb/s network induction.
    – With Software or Hardware RAID.
    There is also the possibility of having servers certified for health data hosting (HDS).

    Pronux, Golight, Golem, Blackstaff, and Darkblade ranges will be available soon.


    ScalarX only selects infrastructure and service components that comply with its SCI standard (redundancy, reliability, security).


    ScalarX uses a decentralised supervision and alert system associated with an international trusted third party (SolarWinds)..

    Managed services

    ScalarX uses a unique approach combining humans, conditional algorithms and AI to deliver exceptional quality.

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