Private Cloud

    Cloud privéScalarcloud is also available in a private or hybrid version, always fully-managed (total managed services).
    This can involve independent nodes or clusters, which can be built with any baremetal provider (dedicated servers) that offers suitable models. This service is also available ‘on-premise’ (in your own racks).
    A private or hybrid Scalarcloud infrastructure requires from 1 to 16 dedicated nodes, as well as appropriate secure local and/or remote storage.
    In its private version: 100% of the hardware is solely dedicated to your project, while a hybrid approach can combine dedicated nodes with shared managed services such as network storage provided by a cloud provider, security services, VPN, or backup.


    Cloud privé ScalarcloudThe managed Scalarcloud private clouds are based on Proxmox VE and PBS (Proxmox Backup Server) solutions, which enable features such as:
    – Live migration to another cluster node.
    – Taking snapshots (with or without RAM).
    – Performing incremental backups with compression and deduplication management.
    – Restoring only a specific directory or file without full restoration.
    – Creating virtual disk volumes that can be moved from one VM to another.
    In terms of hardware:
    – From 1 to 16 nodes per cluster.
    – From 32GB to 4TB of RAM per node.
    – From 1TB to several PB of storage.
    A specific ScalarCloud HDS offer is also available.


    Pricing for an Infrastructure Comprising 3 Nodes + 1 Dedicated Backup Server (*)

    • 3 nodes + 1 backup
    Installation Price Excluding VAT

    Managed services

    Monthly Price Based on the Managed Services of 3 Nodes + 1 Backup Server

    • 3 nodes + 1 backup
    Monthly Price Excluding VAT

    StackX installation

    16 Installations Included, then €100 Excluding VAT for Instances on the Private Cloud

    • 3 nodes + 1 backup 1 Go
    Installation Price Excluding VAT


    Monthly Price Excluding VAT for Managed Industrial StackX Service on the Private Cloud

    • Managed LAMP Service
    Monthly Price Excluding VAT


    ScalarX only selects infrastructure and service components that comply with its SCI standard (redundancy, reliability, security).


    ScalarX uses a decentralised supervision and alert system associated with an international trusted third party (SolarWinds)..

    Managed services

    ScalarX uses a unique approach combining humans, conditional algorithms and AI to deliver exceptional quality.

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