Backup and Replication

    The ScalarCloud production clusters are designed based on a multi-datacenter and multi-zone distributed risk management model.
    High availability needs are met directly at the client instance level via the replica/brp (business recovery plan) option.
    Replica: Clients can subscribe to a replication offer that takes the form of a ‘mirror’ infrastructure of the production infrastructure, which can be located in another geographic area, or even with another provider, capable of ensuring service recovery in case of a major or critical incident.
    The price of the replica is the same as that of the ‘master’. If there is a change in strategy, it is possible to change the use of the replica for something else (production, preproduction, etc.) via reinstallation.
    Backup: In addition to the backup included in StackX, a second level of backup on Scalarcloud is added: a complete image of the machine made from the hypervisor, which can be rebooted on another infrastructure if needed.

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    ScalarX only selects infrastructure and service components that comply with its SCI standard (redundancy, reliability, security).


    ScalarX uses a decentralised supervision and alert system associated with an international trusted third party (SolarWinds)..

    Managed services

    ScalarX uses a unique approach combining humans, conditional algorithms and AI to deliver exceptional quality.

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