Our mission

    Christophe CasalegnoI founded ScalarX in 2015, nearly 16 years after starting my first company, Digital Network, in 1999.
    During these long years of working with thousands of clients, I have seen how problems, whether commercial, human, or technological, yet solvable, could alter and degrade client activities, destroy their focus, divert them from their goals, and sometimes even lead to their demise.
    I have witnessed unprecedented crises, during which I realized how not only entrepreneurs but also all company members could feel helpless in these difficult times.
    Since 2015, ScalarX has been designing and developing intelligent and innovative technological solutions to solve these problems and improve the daily lives of businesses and organizations in general. I firmly believe that technology can help us build a better world, and that these foundations must be built by companies like ours.
    If I had to define the role of us Scalars: it would be to deconstruct the complexity of our clients’ problems while enabling an improvement in their efficiency, as well as an acceleration of their decision-making capacity through simple, non-binding, reversible, and effective solutions.

    « We love solving problems that others deem unsolvable. We are convinced that there is a solution for each one of them: a solution that can help you build a better future for your business, and by extension: for your life. »
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