Better Call Brain

    Christophe Casalegno

    BCB, or « Better Call Brain », is a service I’ve been offering for over 8 years. Suspended for health reasons for two years, I have been dedicating part of my time to it again since january 2023.
    BCB offers direct and unfiltered access, for the duration of a call, to all my experience, skills, and network, at your service.
    The promise is straightforward: a ‘best effort’ service based on a set amount of time, during which I commit to delivering the maximum value possible in your chosen field.
    While I am keen to maintain this service that is close to my heart, my available sessions are limited, and I give priority to existing clients.
    To optimize our meeting, I invite you to send me an outline of the topics you wish to discuss. I will respond honestly about the value I believe I can (or cannot) add. The decision of how to proceed next will be up to you.

    15 min

    Excluding VAT Price

    30 min

    Excluding VAT Price

    1 H 00

    Excluding VAT Price

    + 1 H 00

    Excluding VAT Price
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