ScalarCloud is an IaaS full-managed solution that has been specially developed to exploit the full potential of StackX through a simple, flexible and high-performance offer.

To offer the best performance, only one type of Public Cloud instance is proposed (CPU > 3 GHz, RAM ECC 2933 MHz, local storage RAID 10 NVMe) on which the resources are adjustable per unit: cores, RAM (GB) and NVMe storage (GB).

As the first Proxmox partner in Ireland, all our cloud infrastructures are built on Proxmox VE clusters. We can also provide private cloud solutions that can be built and “specialized” according to your needs.

Scalarcloud pricing

Monthly rate for 1 core.
Monthly rate for 1 GB RAM.Monthly rate for 1 GB storage.Monthly rate for 1 GB of backup.


I don’t want to wait, how do I order?

Email including a description of your needs. You can also save time by telling us the names, email and phone number of the people who will be able to access the technical support, as well as the environments to be created with the corresponding PHP version for each.

How does it work? 

In Europe, Scalarcloud is based on Proxmox VE clusters (France, UK & Germany at this time). Each member of the cluster is a powerful dual-processor node > 3 GHz that can run 80 threads at the same time, with at least 768 GB of RAM. For the storage, each node have a dedicated RAID-10 storage with 6 x NVMe.  The hardware can be different on other part of the world like Australia, USA or Canada, but always build efficiently.

What about reversibility? 

If you don’t want to run StackX any more, you can’t keep your ScalarCloud instance any more, but you can ask us to provide you a full copy of the ProxmoxVE-compatible vm on request (you can also convert it for solutions like VMWare or other if required).

How long am I committed?

The commitment period is 30 days, you can cancel every month, without any other formality than a simple ticket, an email or a Telegram message: no need for registered mail or any other administrative hassle designed to keep customers against their will. Payments are made via direct debit from our partner GoCardless, which provides you with an interface that gives you direct access to all information.

What about your production capacity? 

230 TB8008 TB6 min
Production capacity on 01/01/2023Production capacity on 01/01/2023Production capacity on 01/01/2023Average incident response time