Scalar Cloud

Reliable, Secure, Flexible, and High-Performing Public and Private Solutions: Designed to Make Your Operations Simpler and More Efficient.

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Managed solutions

Our secure, intelligent and semi-autonomous managed services provide faster and more efficient operational maintenance than ever before.

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Engineering: ScalarX assists you in solving your problems and achieving your goals in the fields of IT, business, communication, and more.

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Consulting / services

ScalarX offers a wide range of technological, business services, and more, to support you throughout the evolution of your activities.

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The Founder’s Word

« We develop technologies to solve your problems, advance and simplify your daily life, while making your professional life simpler and more efficient. »

Christophe Casalegno, Founder


ScalarX logoScalarX is an organization specializing in the research, development, and deployment of innovative and intelligent technological solutions.
ScalarX operates in the fields of cloud computing, IT, engineering, and technology.
Our mission is straightforward: to find solutions to your problems, enabling you to stay focused on your growth.


Our references

But also: Adxperience, Agence Imago, Ajilis, AKA, Akadom, Aquilux, Arco da Vella, Arcs Multi Services Agencement, Atlantek Computers, Bexter, BlueRock R&D, Calenco, C-Cure systems, Decostock, Digit Image, Dragées Reynaud, E-dkado, D-LUNE, DVSI, EGG Post Production, Emergence Development, EnergieClim, Etimia, Erwan Guillon Consulting, Event & Com, Gerance Center, GS1, Internethic, Intredys, JirAWS, JNKConsult, Keeplove, BV, Lagenza, LPI Partenaires, La Revolte, L’internet Communicant, LPI Partenaires, Matisere, Merci Maman, Mediacrossing, MIKII, Neodoc, Onlysoft, Pharmagen, Prestadev, Privianet, ProSapient, Proteogenix, SIGA Consulting, Trinity t/a Giant Animation, Visicod, VNWeb, Wekio…

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