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ScalarX is a European company specialized in the research, development, application and exploitation of innovative solutions in the fields of technologies and sciences like:

Cloud, IT, security, communications, biotechnology, robotic, AI,  nanotechnology, engineering, cybernetic, energy, space and more…

Our mission

Our mission is simple: using innovation, technology, engineering and science with a “hacker” mindset to solve all the problems you can have in your business. 

We can also fundamentally transform your company mindset and process, to give you the keys to do this by yourself in the future.

Innovation for a better life – Engineering the future.

ScalarX Technology offers many innovative solutions, products and industrial IT services you can setup in minutes to optimize  your time and your  business.

ScalarX Hosting provides HQ full managed servers, private / public cloud and infrastructures with a 24/7 technical support, backup, monitoring, and more.

Our Engineering division designs and implements powerful processes and methods from science, technology and engineering to solve complex problem.

Our Science department is specialized in the research, development & application of innovative technological solutions in the fields of sciences.

We are ScalarX: The word of the founder.

Christophe Casalegno

“We are ScalarX, we are innovation: we are engineering the future to improve your business and make your professional life easier.

We solve any funded problems in the field of IT, communication, security, business, science and more, that others think impossible with a risk-free model: no long term contract and no cancel penalty.

We love solving problems, and we think that behind each problem there is a solution than can help you to build a better future for your business, your organisation, and by extension: for your life.”

Christophe Casalegno, CEO.