StackX & ScalarCloud

ScalarX develops and offer full-managed, intelligent and semi-autonomous IMaaP (IT Management as a Product) and infrastructure solutions (shared, public cloud, private cloud and bare-metal) : StackX and ScalarCloud, designed by Christophe Casalegno.

StackX is compatible with any hosting company, cloud provider or “on premise” infrastructure, with the only prerequisite of a Gnu / Linux Debian Buster (10) or Bullseye (11) system accessible through an SSH IPv4 access (IPv6 support under development).

StackX and ScalarCloud combine powerful tools and processes from science, engineering and hacking to automatically solve a wide variety of problems that can affects the operating system and related services. This solution is complemented by a 24×7 system engineering service.

The ScalarCloud infrastructure has been specifically developed to exploit the full potential of StackX through a simple, flexible and high-performance offer.

To offer the best solution, only one type of Public Cloud Instance is available (CPU > 3Ghz, ECC RAM 2933 Mhz, local RAID 10 NVMe storage) with adjustable resources per unit : cores, RAM (GB) and NVMe storage (GB)

Private cloud are also available and can be built according to specific needs. Our public cloud and public cloud solutions are built on Promox VE clusters.

With a team that has created since 1999 several hosting companies, MSP, cloud computing services, monitoring systems, Internet Operators and storage solution: if you need security, reliability, and performance with a real 24/7 service, you are welcome!

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